If you’ve ever gotten a massage, you know just how relaxing it is. Now imagine the same type of pampering on your face. Brilliant, right? Just as massage offers you both physical and emotional benefits, the same—or more—can be said for facials. On a physical level, they cleanse, hydrate, exfoliate, and nourish your skin. On an emotional level, they relax and rejuvenate your spirit! When you’re stressed, there’s nothing better you can do for yourself than get a facial. But are facials a better choice than massages when stressed? In this blog, we’ll go over the top reasons why facials are more relaxing than a massage.

Why are Facials More Relaxing than a Massage?

One of the main reasons why facials can be soothing to your body and soul is thanks to the relaxing effect it has on your mind. When your mind is at ease, it takes away the stress from the entire body. The benefit of choosing a facial over a massage is that you’re not made to lie face-down with your head pressed into the massage table hole. Since the work is being performed on your face, you’ll be lying on your back and be able to enjoy breathing freely and deeply. This position also allows you to enjoy the relaxing scent when your aesthetician massages moisturizers and cleansers into your skin. A good facial will relax your facial muscles, scalp, and neck, thus leaving you feeling completely rejuvenated and stress-free!

Why are facials so relaxing? Here are the top reasons why according to our happy clients:

The Setting

Lying on your back with a dark environment and relaxing music in the background helps create the perfect setting for genuine relaxation. It gives you the chance to give in and eliminate all stressors from your mind. While a small part of the experience will derive from your willingness to let go of the things you need to do and other stressors, a big part of the relaxation experience will come from the environment of your facial.

Facial Room

The Massage

Facial massages are typically a part of most facials. This part of the process will probably be the most enjoyable part of the entire procedure! Facial massages are known to be one of the most relaxing since the face has many nerves and pleasure points. Unlike body massages—which can sometimes get painful—facial massages are completely soothing and pain-free!


Many times, we get so self-caught in all the things we need to do for others that we often neglect ourselves—and suffer in the process. However, when we know that we’re doing something proactive for ourselves, our minds will naturally be put at ease. Facials are something that will benefit you both physically and emotionally, so you can eliminate the feeling of guilt while getting the procedure done because it’s something beneficial for your overall health! Clients tend to walk out of their facials with a sense of accomplishment, knowing they’ve dedicated some time to their self-care.


The massages aren’t the only element that makes a facial so relaxing. The use of aromatherapy actually plays a big part! Your esthetician will use a combination of aroma oils and face products that will help reduce tension and calm you. Certain aromas are known to relax people, and the aromas you’ll experience during your facial will be quite enjoyable!

Relieve Your Stress with a Facial at San Diego Advanced Skin Care

If you’re looking for an excellent way to relieve stress and renew your self-confidence with a glowing, fresh look, you’ll want to get a facial. They relax you in many ways that massages simply don’t. We hope this blog helped you see why facials are more relaxing than a massage. If you would like to get the most relaxing facial ever, give San Diego Advanced Skin Care a call at (619) 200-5023 or click here to schedule an appointment!

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