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Our service rituals, active, luxuriant products, and the fantastic results of our Nona/Micro Facial Lifting. Let us live up to this to this boast every day.

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Welcome to San Diego
Advanced Skincare & Massage

Welcome to San Diego Advanced Skincare & Massage

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“I don’t know anything else where you can spend any mount of money and look 10 years younger in less than an hour”

Cindy J.

North Park


Our Nano/Micro Current Facial Lifting Technology uses gentle electric currents to stimulate the cellular processes and muscle tissue, and drain lymphatic fluid resulting in INSTANT lifting, toning, and sculpting. It’s a 45 min service by itself (including cleansing and professional exfoliation) or can be added to any of our Facial or Peel Services. Adding the Nano/Micro Current Lifting to a Facial or Peel service adds 30 minutes to the service. We call this CHARGING your service.

Our number one concern is the overall health of your skin. There are many peels out there and most of us have heard a story about chemical peeling gone wrong. Using a three tiered system we produce beautifully powerful results with little to no downtime. Our methodology allows us to resurface safely and beautifully by moving through the different levels and tiers of chemical exfoliation.

Truly all 4 of our facial services or our Peel and Heal can be customized to suit anyone with wonderful results. If you are unsure just book a service and we will figure it out when you get here; we are the experts after all.

Besides our amazing Facial Services, Nano/Micro Current Facial Lifting, and progressive resurfacing Peel and Heal services, we also offer facial waxing and advanced pinpointed services for problem areas. Also offering incredible massage services, body treatments, back facials, and infrared detox sessions.

We offer easy online booking! Simply log onto our schedule now system and conveniently book your appointment now. Or call or text (619) 200-5023 (a text message will usually allow a faster response than voicemail).

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“I am so please with Katherine and the quality of her work and the knowledge she has about faces/skin.”

Nicole S.

La Jolla

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