What it does

Provides instant LIFTING, TONING, and SCULPTING of the face, neck, and jawline. You will see lifted eyebrows, tighter eyelids, reduced wrinkles, sculpted cheekbones, softened smile lines, firmer jawline, brighter tone, smoother texture.

What it is

Our Nano/Micro Current Lifting Technique uses two cotton tipped wands to deliver a gentle direct current into the tissue at different frequencies. The application of current lasts 30 min. It is a very localized area that the current travels through and is safe for most people. There are very few reasons why this technology would not be safe; your practitioner will discuss these with you. We offer this technology by itself or added to one of our acclaimed facial services. By itself our Nano/Micro Current Lifting Session is a 45 minute service that includes a cleansing, manual exfoliation, 30 minutes of the lifting protocol with the nano/micro current, and finishing products. Or the lifting protocol can be added to one of our 3 specialty facials or our Peel and Heal service. We call this CHARGING your facial. It adds 30 min and $40 to any of these 4 services.

How it works

The Nano Current is a bio-identical electric current that can COMMUNICATE with our skin’s cells enhancing production of collagen and elastin, discharging free-radical neutralizing electrons, and boosting your skins level of ATP (adenosine triphophate, our cells’ energy source). Basically, all really good stuff, resulting in tighter, firmer, brighter skin and improved surface texture. The Micro current stimulates the superficial facial and neck muscles creating instant lift and tone. Really, instant! This works just like exercise; better and longer lasting results with continued use. Manipulating the tissue this way we lift the brows, cheeks, jawline and tighten the neck. Sound good? It is!

What to expect

First time results generally last 7 to 10 days. A must have before big events or photos. Use this technology to enhance your regular monthly to quarterly facial service or take full advantage and achieve the optimum results with a Nano/Micro Current Lifting Session series. Starting out with a series gives the best results that last the longest. Eventually maintenance can be every 3 to 8 weeks.

Tina after just one Nano/Micro Current Lifting Session