One question always in our clients’ minds is: how often should you get a facial? While professional facials at a trusted day spa should be an integral part of your skin care management, how often depends on several factors. A treatment provider must evaluate your age, skin condition, environmental exposure, personal cosmetic goals, and commitment to post-treatment sun protection and aftercare to determine when you should get a facial.

Timing Your Facials is Vital 

When you leave with a rejuvenated face and glowing skin after a soothing, luxurious facial, it is natural to feel excited and want to schedule your next facial appointment as early as possible. However, timing your facial regimen right ensures your facials are successful. Facials do not have a standard cycle that applies universally to everyone. The best way to know how to time your facials is by consulting with an experienced spa professional. Here are some basic guidelines to help you understand the recommended frequency for different facials.

Benefits of Monthly Facials 

The general recommendation for most people is to get a facial once a month. Typically, your skin requires a month to go through its complete life cycle of cellular regeneration and exfoliation. One major benefit of a monthly facial is it helps this natural skin renewal process occur. A monthly facial will ensure that your skin remains clear, cleansed, and well-toned. A monthly facial helps you maintain a radiant-looking face for the entire month while letting the regimen continue to work to delay signs of facial aging.

Facials for People with Acne-Prone Skin 

People with oily skin or those who suffer from frequent acne breakouts have a bit of a different facial schedule. When they are experiencing acne flare-ups, the frequency of their facials should be increased. The skin care specialist might recommend a facial twice a month to clear the acne, calm the skin, and restore its inner health. Choosing the right spa equipped to provide customized facials for acne-prone skin is important.

How Often Should I Get a Facial?

Do Not Leave Long Gaps Between Facials

We know life gets busy, and it can become difficult to maintain a regular schedule for your facials. If life becomes too busy for a monthly facial, make it a goal to get a facial every three months. Suppose you visit your skin care professional at least four times a year. In that case, your facials will protect your skin against sun damage and seasonal exposure and provide enough resilience to take on harsh weather elements.

Avoid Excessively Frequent Facials 

Too much of a good thing can also be bad. Although you may love visiting your favorite spa for pampering and the wholesome skin care outcomes they provide, remember to follow their advice about visiting for facials only at recommended intervals.

Put Your Best Face Forward with San Diego Advanced Skin Care 

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