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Massage & Body Services

San Diego Advanced Skincare is pleased to present this very special massage and body ritual menu. You will find these services very specifically orchestrated to give you the best and most nurturing experience. All the products used in these services are of the highest quality to nourish and feed the skin. All treatments finish with a lymphatic drainage massage of the face with facial cleanser and application of moisturizer or sunscreen, eye cream, and lip balm. This is San Diego Advanced Skincare after all… We want you to leave looking as good as you feel!

75 min $115
105 min $140

Signature Massage

This deeply relaxing and transcending service combines the powerful alchemy of aromatherapy with the healing energy of therapeutic massage. Unlike anything you’ve experienced before!

60 min $105
90 min $135

Hot Stone Massage

This most wonderful and classic spa service utilizes heat therapy and slow meditative massage to release muscle tension and calm the mind.

60 min $110
90 min $140

Deep Tissue

Slower, deeper pressure focuses on areas of chronic pain and soreness. Pressure and focus areas are determined at the time of service.

60 min $100

Heal Me!

30 minute intensive massage focusing on problem areas and issues followed by a therapeutic session in our lay down infrared sauna. The deeply penetrating heat encourages healing and decreases inflammation along with many other benefits.

***Series Pricing Available


Infrared Sauna Pre Facial

Before we cleanse and treat your skin from the outside enjoy a rejuvenating session in our lay down infrared sauna and let the detoxifying sweat cleanse your pores from the inside while circulation increases delivering healing oxygen throughout.


Infrared Sauna Post Massage

Don’t want to get up after a massage, now you don’t have to. Crawl right from your massage table into our lay down infrared sauna. Infrared saunas provide a deeper penetrating heat at lower temperatures. Maximize the therapeutic benefits of your massage!


Skin Firming Body Wrap

Awaken your skin and your senses with this sumptuous 90 minute body ritual. This service tones, tightens, firms, and detoxifies. Service includes Dry Brushing body exfoliation, detoxifying massage,and cellulite treatment finished with a body wrap.

30 min $85
60 min $125

Deep Cleaning Back Facial

Full back service with the same high quality facial products. Includes cleansing, exfoliation, extraction work, and treatment. This treatment also includes facial cleansing with facial lymphatic drainage massage at the end of the treatment.

“The new massage room is heaven. At the end of the amazing massage the therapist almost did a mini facial and I left glowing. By the way, heated table, memory foam face cradle and a caramel, yes please!”

-Nicole B


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